God is great

God has made foul autism something beautiful. Being autistic I have opportunity to be bored. God is always with me. He keeps me company.

Autism hardly gets in my way now. God has happy loving plans for my life. I need not worry. More good things keep happening.

I can now get my high school diploma. I can go on to university. I can live autonomously. I call my own shots. God is maker of my dreams. I have so much to do.

Watch out world

God is good.

Love is

Love is a mother who never goes away

Love is forever

Love is God living in my heart

Love is louder than hate

Love is for everyone

Love is eternal

Love is ultimate ecstasy

Love is going to save the world

Love is going to save me

Young Man Replete With Love

My name is Wyatt. It is not so terrible to be me. I learned to spell when my mom learned about Spelling to Communicate from her mentor Elizabeth Vosseller.

My life changed when I could finally tell my thoughts. It was so stressful for me to learn to spell. So wanted to communicate. I was afraid my mom would stop teaching me but she never did.

Mom I especially am grateful for your perseverance.

Really so want to help all the nonspeaking autistics find their way to communicating. You have no idea how difficult it is to live with no way to talk.

Stop killing autistic futures by limiting how so many of us communicate. Teach your kids to spell and give them a life.

Until next time